“In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to” – Dave Hollis

Amidst all the changes, fear, chaos and sadness an opportunity has been given to me to slow down and retreat for the wellness of us all.

This morning as I watch the sunrise I notice the rhythm of my breath which brings my mind to stillness. I see every colour awaken, I hear every sound emerge and witness a beauty that I have not experienced before. I write in my journal, not only about what I am thankful for but the surreal situation that surrounds me.

I initially asked myself, what can I achieve during this time? How can I use this gift of time to become a better version of myself? Feeling inspired, I wrote down as many projects as possible and proceeded to tick off the start of a long list.

Things completed so far:

  • Project 1 Online Yoga Classes
  • Project 2 Yoga Soul Sisters Website
  • Project 3 Herb Garden
  • Project 4 Mulching
  • Project 5 Compost Bin

All of these projects brought great satisfaction but the list seemed endless. I felt a growing, internal, invisible pressure that I must finish my list before this is all over.

Now as I watch the sunrise colours fade into the brightness of the new day, I am reminded that we are all guided from deep within. I reflect on my recent activities and I realise that this is my way of coping. When I delve deeper, I realise I am not taking a rest but creating a screen to hide behind the fear of uncertainty. I listen to my inner voice telling me to forget about the constraints of my normal life, lose the attachments of the past and expectations of the future and be at peace with who I am. There is no fear. When you stand in the present moment you are timeless.

Never has our yoga practice been more essential. Slow down, reconnect with your true self and spend precious time with your families. Reach out to friends and let them know you care. Be thankful to all those who are working in your community to keep you safe and provide supplies. This precious time we have now is a unique opportunity to reflect on what truly matters.

What will you rush back to?