About Yoga Soul Sisters

Sue and Wendy met in 1993 at pregnancy exercise classes with both expecting their first child. When Wendy’s son was diagnosed with Autism aged two, Sue, a qualified teacher, volunteered to help with his home education program. Sue put her heart and soul into helping Wendy through this difficult journey and stood beside her as a sister. A deep and enduring friendship formed.

Despite the families moving 2000 km apart, the friendship continued with family holidays, retreats and study trips together. Wendy and Sue both have a long standing passion for yoga and wellness and decided to share their experience and knowledge with others by joining in a business partnership: “Yoga Soul Sisters”

“The thing I love about Sue is that she makes me laugh. I am the more serious practical one and she reminds me that sometimes you just have to let go, have fun, and enjoy life!”

“Wendy is the Yin to my Yang. We have travelled many journeys together and our Yoga journey has now evolved into a beautiful business through which we can share our passion with others. ‘Wise Wendy’, is very calm and grounded. She offers kind words of wisdom and a good dose of motivation and direction when needed.”

Yoga Soul Sisters heart


I fell in love with Yin yoga after my first class. I felt like I was home and it was this practice that completely changed my direction in life and led me to where I am today. The still, quiet and meditative practice is open to everybody regardless of age, body shape or level of fitness. It allows us to slow down, become aware & be totally present which brings balance & harmony to the body & mind. It is medicine for the soul.

Sue is based on the Sunshine Coast. Since 2013 she has completed over 300 hours of Yin training with Jo Phee, Joe Barnett and Bernie Clark. She is also qualified to teach Hatha, Power vinyasa flow & Myofascial release. She is Thai Yoga Massage & Reiki practitioner and often incorporates these modalities in her classes. Sue has a good sense of humour. She teaches from the heart, her nurturing way supports her students and inspires them to invite self-discovery, self-acceptance and good health into their lives. 


Wendy is a qualified White Tiger Qigong Instuctor in 5 Element Qigong. “I love teaching Qigong not only for it’s physical benefits but also for the emotional transformation”
White Tiger Qigong is a fusion of ancient Daoist wisdom and modern science.  Qigong & Yoga inspire me to challenge my beliefs and work on being the best version of myself. In my classes, I love to create a deep feeling of calm and connection. My hope is that you will finish a class feeling at peace”

Wendy is qualified in White Tiger Medical Qigong, Yin and Hatha Yoga &  Myofascial Release.
She is also a certified Nutrition Coach with Food Matters.